Covid19 selection rules for practices explained

Covid19 selection rules for practices explained

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Dear Players,

As requested by federal & local authorities we have to limit the number of persons participating in practices and keep their contact details. From February 2021, the maximum number is 24 adults per practice, or 10 Juniors. That number is referred as MAXPLAYERS hereunder.

For the sake of clarity here is a detailed explanation of the current selection process when more than MAXPLAYERS players register through the trombinoscope.

The guiding principle is that we want to be fair with all players, which translates in equivalent practice time opportunities.

The limitation implies that some players might not be selected for a specific practice they had registered to – please do not feel excluded or frustrated, there is nothing personal about it. Most probably you will be selected for the next practice.

Please note that a player who is selected but does not show up will be penalised, as they have wasted someone else’s chance to join the practice – see Ranking Rule 3. So if you can’t join a practice you were selected for, please cancel your participation ASAP. This leaves time to contact players on the waiting list to replace your spot. You can cancel via the Trombinoscope, email, SMS or phone.

Eligible Players

All XLR8RS players who payed their yearly fee are eligible, with the notable exceptions hereunder :

  • they are sick or feeling sick
  • they have recently been tested covid positive
  • they have recently been tested and are waiting for the results
  • they have recently been in contact with a covid positive person
  • they have recently been in contact with a person waiting for the results of a covid test
  • they are currently banned from training after breaking the sanitary rules

If any of the above exception is true the player is NOT eligible.

Selection Process

A. Any eligible player ( see Eligible players section ) may register for a session until 24 hours before the session. For this use the Trombinoscope: https://www.xlr8rs.be/trombinoscope/

B. 24 hours before the session, candidates are ranked using the Ranking Rules detailed below

C. Players ranked 1 to 80% of MAXPLAYERS ( cf point B ) are automatically selected ; remaining ones are put on the waiting list

D. Coaches of the day pick players from the waiting list, reaching a maximum MAXPLAYERS in total

E. If less than MAXPLAYERS players are candidates for a practice, the remaining spots are available until training day 12:00PM (noon), and attributed on a first-come, first-saved basis until we reach MAXPLAYERS. Such late candidates must register through the Trombinoscope as well.

Ranking Rules

Rules are considered in the following order. If a rule does not apply or does not make a difference between players, the next rule is considered. Once a rule ranks players, next rules are ignored.

1. Ranking on focus group : if there is a specific women practice that day, women are ranked higher than men ;

2. Ranking on previous selections : the player with less selections since September 2020 is ranked higher because we want all players to have an equal time of practice. Beware : every no-show counts as a double selection ;

2bis. As we want to thank coaches for their involvement their presence score is corrected by a factor 2/3 : this means if they attended 3 sessions, these will be counted as 2. Official coaches are Martin Lagneaux, Valerio Cappellazzo, Grégory Pincket, Samuel Legros, Jonathan Sprumont, Katherine North, Pablo Legari ;

3. Ranking on date of last selection : the player with the oldest selection date is ranked higher because we do not want anyone to stay out of practice for too long ;

4. Ranking on experience ( = years at XLR8RS ) : the player with the least experience is ranked higher because we want less experienced players to have more playing time ;

5. Ranking on age : the oldest player is ranked higher because we want them to enjoy life as much as possible before it’s too late ;

6. If players attended exactly the same practice sessions, joined the club on the same date and were born on the same date, priority is randomly picked.

We have established those rules thinking they would, after a couple of weeks, offer equal opportunities to all our members to join practices. If you have questions and/or suggestions please contact the CA on ca@xlr8rs.be

Positive Case Detection

If a player is detected as positive, the following applies :

  • their name will not be discarded for privacy reasons
  • all players who were part of the same practice bubble(s) will be contacted privately, and requested to follow a 7 day quarantine ( starting on the morning following the practice ) + a test after 5 days
  • we basically are following the regulations from the Belgian Ultimate Federation, Fédération Belge de Disque Volant and ADEPS – see https://aes-aisf.be/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/ProcedureCasCovid.pdf

Changes & History of this document

These Process and Rules may change at any time to comply with authorities and organisational requirements. The latest version of this document is always available on our website : https://www.xlr8rs.be/covid19-rules/

2021-03-09 : adapted the ranking rules for coaches : no more automatic selection but a correction factor of their attendances
2021-02-27 : adapted MAXPLAYERS from 50 to 24 + added banning condition in the Eligible Players section + added link to official protocol
2020-10-13 : added the Eligible Players section
2020-10-13 : provided more details on late registration — Selection Process section E
2020-10-01 : added the Positive Case Detection + History sections
2020-09-20 : initial version

This version is valid from 2021-03-09 until further notice.

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