What to pack for a tournament

To play

 sports socks
 shoes for a wet field + shoes for a dry field
 sports bra (for women)
 runner’s tights (for cold weather)
 dark t-shirt
 light t-shirt
 more socks
 sweat bracelet
 if you’re injured: your titanium knee or other cyborg gear

For the side line

 water bottle
 energy drink/powder
 warm up spray
 cooling spray
 rain jacket

To stay nice, clean and healthy

 toiletry bag
 soap/shower gel
 anti blisters (Compeed and tape)
 for women: tampons/pads, even if it’s not the moment
 medicines for ongoing treatment
 condoms (for your teammates)
 washing powder

To sleep

 sleeping bag
 sleeping mat
 inflatable pillow for the car

and more

 regular shoes
 jumper / fleece
 glowing disk, spike ball, etc
 plate, cup, cutlery