Checklist for tournament coordinator aka Ambassador


Before going into details, here are a few terms you need to understand :


Person who is the interface between some XLR8RS players/team and the tournament organisers/outside world. Their mission is to collect, filter and spread relevant information to all involved parties.


Comité Sportif, grouping some coaches, officials and wisest amongst the wises from XLR8RS. Their word is final on all sportive aspects of the club.

Captain and Spirit Captain

Hopefully you understand these words if you’ve played ultimate for more than an hour. Ambassador may play one of these roles but must not — they could be 3 different persons.


Long before the event

The Ambassador does the following tasks :

  1. Identify the tournament/event you would like to play
  2. Collect the following information :
    1. date(s)
    2. location
    3. surface : grass, indoor, beach, snow…
    4. number and type(s) of players : 7v7, 5v5, women, mixed, loose mixed, open, U14, Masters, …
    5. level : very competitive, competitive, leisure, beginners
    6. organiser and their contact information
  3. Call for players :
    1. Create a Troodle with relevant information : name of the tournament, dates, and other information collected at point 2 above. Answering the Troodle may be reserved to a specific team ( U14, women, …) or to everyone.
    2. Send a message to the XLR8RS mailing list with information on the tournament and request answers on the Trombi.
    3. Ensure that all club members, especially new ones, are aware of the tournament and have the opportunity to enroll
  4. If and When the minimal number of confirmed players is reached, confirm team registration to the organiser
  5. Team Fee payment (check the deadline with the organiser) : ask the Treasurer
  6. Ask confirmed players to pay their Player’s Fee and contribution to the Team Fee by bank transfer to the XLR8RS bank account
  7. Player Fee payment (check the deadline with the organizer) : ask the Treasurer

One month before

  1. If more players than the maximum allowed number have showed interest, make a selection. Selection should be made by minimum 3 persons. One of these should be the Ambassador, another one at least should be part of the CS.
  2. Appoint the Captain and the Spirit Captain of the team in consultation with the registered players. These two roles must be given to two different players.
  3. Ensure that all players have means of transportation to the location of the tournament.
  4. Send a reminder to players who have not yet completed their payments
  5. Send the list of registered players to the Treasurer and the President .
  6. Send out the rules of the tournament

During the tournament

  1. Send live feed or at least scores for every match on XLR8RS Twitter account and other social medias

After the tournament

  1. Write a summary of the tournament, post it on this website, and send the link on the list
  2. If necessary, send a reminder to players who have not yet completed their payments
  3. Check accounts with the treasurer of the tournament